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French Press Coffee

Premium Roast and Ground Coffee for French Press. Medium Roast.
Sidapur – French Press Coffee is a delectable heirloom from the House of Ramapuram, that unfolds a brew of strength, flavour and fine taste with a lingering finish of caramel notes. Shade-grown under giant Rose Wood, Wild Fig and Jack Fruit trees, this Premium 100% Coffee with no added Chicory has been specially roasted and coarsely ground for use in French Presses. Perfect for Black Coffee lovers.
Sidapur – French Press Coffeecomes to you in airtight packs with a freshness valve that helps retain its aromatic flavours. Once opened, store in an airtight container to preserve freshness.

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French Press

The French Press, also known as the Cafetière, was invented in France in the late 1800s. Today, the  French Press is a popular brewing method among coffee lovers.

The coffee is brewed by adding 15 grams of coarsely ground coffee into a French Press. Add 250-300 ml of hot water and stir the coffee in. Allow the coffee to rest and brew for about 3-4 minutes. Press the plunger down to push the coffee grounds to the bottom of the French Press. Pour into a mug and enjoy the aroma and flavour of the freshly brewed coffee.

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