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A Rich and Eventful Legacy

The House of Ramapuram had its origins in a small town called Palai in the District of Kottayam in the southern State of Kerala, India, with its historical and social culture drawn from the Syrian Christian tradition and value system, tracing its roots to the 1st century AD. The family lived through great events like the World Wars, and the freedom struggle and established itself in business without compromising on values and patriotism. The assets of the group, the reputation it has earned, and its standing in the society were built over three generations. The family had highly educated and accomplished people in the last hundred years, which included eminent personalities such as the First Speaker of the Kerala State Assembly, a Director of Medical Health of Southern India, a Chief of Medical Division of the Indian Army and a Vice Chancellor of The Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India.

From traditional agriculture, The House of Ramapuram switched on to commercial plantations way back in 1921, when they acquired a coffee plantation in what is today the southern state of Karnataka, from its previous British owners. Through the next 60 turbulent years that saw the II World War and India’s Independence, the group went on expanding its plantation holdings across south India and now has about 1500 acres of plantations. 

The Ramapuram Sons 

The seven brothers that today form the House of Ramapuram has taken over the legacy that their father Thomas E. Ramapuram left behind with stronger conviction. Making optimal use of the 100 year business background, knowledge acquired from academic and social achievements, coupled with a strong set of values and a spiritual foundation, the group has moved ahead in strength to establish itself in plantations and has diversified into the Hospitality Industry in 1993 with Evolve Back Resorts


Mission Statement - House of Ramapuram 

'Excellence Rooted in Values'


Core Business Values:

Excellence: Strive relentlessly; constantly improve ourselves, our processes, teams, our services and our products to become the best.

Integrity: Honesty, fairness and trustworthiness shall be the guiding values in all aspects of our business. This is the basis for sustaining long term success. These values will not be subordinated to material gains or advantages.

Respect for People: Treat all people with respect and concern. We shall strive to develop our core strength – our people – by being the wind under their wings, allowing them to realize their full potential.

Social & Environmental Responsibility (Sustainability): We shall ensure meaningful and lasting benefits for the natural environment and communities that surround our operations

Entrepreneurship: Through constant learning, openness and willingness to change, we shall nurture entrepreneurship to consistently achieve a high rate of growth

Name and Registered Office Address of Licensee: House of Ramapuram Foods (P) Ltd., 1st Floor St. Patrick's Business Complex, 21 Museum Road, Bangalore - 560025, Karnataka, India 

FSSAI License No: 11216333000233