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Espresso Bold

Premium Roasted Whole Bean Espresso Coffee. Medium-Dark Roast

Sidapur - Espresso Bold is a select blend of the finest Arabicas from the Chikkamagalur region and a touch of the best Robustas from Coorg. Carefully selected, roasted and blended to bring out an intense aroma and a thick, reddish-brown crema, Sidapur - Espresso Bold produces a fine & full-bodied brew with balanced acidity, bitterness and sweetness of coffee, with notes of chocolate.

Sidapur - Espresso Bold comes to you in airtight packs with a freshness valve that helps retain its aromatic flavours. Once opened, store in an airtight container to preserve freshness.

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Espresso Yourself

The perfect espresso is known in barista circles as 'the god shot' because they figure that it's a cup that would taste heavenly, even to the most discerning palette. Given that he has access to good quality coffee, the Barista seeks to achieve this by extracting the over 800 prized aromatic ingredients found in roasted and ground coffee, through control over the quality of the water, equipment, temperature, pressure, timings and storage factors.

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