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Coffee Filter - South Indian Filter Kaapi

For 2 Cups

South Indian Filter Kappi is the heart of a typical south Indian breakfast and the secret to a perfect cup is in the age-old method of drip filtering. The Indian Coffee Board has taken this time-honored method and redesigned this filter to present it in a new avatar. This Coffee Decoction Maker / Filter with its contemporary yet classical design combines the best of two worlds and produces a cup of Kaapi that would make your grandmother proud!

- How to prepare a perfect cup of South Indian Filter Kaapi?

- Spread 3 heaped tea spoons of coffee powder evenly in the filter chamber

- Place plunger on top of coffee powder and press firmly

- Place filter chamber in the kettle and pour hot water (not boiling) into the chamber and allow it to percolate for 10 to 15 minutes

- The thick dark decoction (Percolated coffee essence) will collect in the bottom portion of the kettle

- Pour required decoction into drinking cup or dabara and add boiling milk and sugar to taste

- Enjoy the traditional, flavourful, South Indian Filter Kaapi

Food grade Stainless steel
Package contents : Coffee Pot / Kettle, Coffee Filter Chamber, Plunger

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